Accountant in the Cheese Cave

One of the more significant functions for any accountant is the accurate control of company assets. And probably the most important of those assets is the company’s inventory. This control is usually enhanced by periodic physical counts of the inventory items. My experience with physical inventory counts usually takes place in a massive manufacturing warehouse filled with thousands of dirty, used auto parts or tons of Kraft paper. This type of physical count is typically uncomfortable, dirty and smelly. Fortunately, the physical inventory count procedure at Artisanal Cheese is a remarkably pleasurable experience.
cheesecave Accountant in the Cheese Cave

The best thing about counting inventory at Artisanal is the cleanliness and organization of the caves. Each of the five environmentally controlled caves is filled with easily accessible racks that help make the counting efficient and enjoyable. Trust me, it’s much better than climbing around on dirty warehouse racks in 100 degree Texas heat.

Contrary to popular belief, the inventory counts do not include a ‘count one piece – eat one piece’ process. Each of the over 250 different types of cheese must be individually counted, weighed and recorded into the computerized inventory tracking system. Accurate tracking of our inventory quantities helps ensure that we always have our product available for our customers.

And for some reason, cheese just seems to taste better after you have seen, smelled and lifted the actual product yourself. There is nothing better than a piece of traditional English cheddar freshly cut from the 60 pound wheel, the rind still covered by traces of the Somerset County countryside. It truly gives meaning to the name English Country Cheddar.

So the next time you order some Montgomery’s or Quicke’s Cheddar from Artisanal, know that each piece has been personally inspected and counted by one of the expert accountants at Artisanal Cheese.


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Posted by Craig

2 Responses to “Accountant in the Cheese Cave”

  1. Bernadette Says:

    Terrific article on the art of cheese inventory…The picture alone tells the story about how organized the inventory process at Artisanal must be. I especially enjoyed the sensory description of the English cheddar wheel! English cheddar is one of my favorite cheeses, right up there next to cambozola!

  2. Gerald Says:

    I really like how you made an inventory process sound fun. Can you get me a peice of that Cheddar you described.