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So what does that bring to mind?

Hopefully you are in the cheese cognoscenti – those that recognize that the excitement occurring in the cheese world today is happening right here within our shores. Few American-made cheeses inspired us just over a decade ago but today it is eye-popping, or rather, tastebuds-thrilling.

In addition to some of our long-time favorite American cheeses such as Uplands Pleasant Ridge, Tarentaise, Grayson, Rogue River Blue and Wabash Cannonball, we have some that are aging in our caves right now that will be made available in the coming weeks. You will find many outstanding cheeses from across the country, a full range from the younger milder types like Grassias to the boldest of blues, like the Smokey Oregon Blue.

We will continue to bring in and ripen many of the best of Europe but with the way things are going on this side of the pond, we will have to add more space. In the past we offered classes here featuring American Artisan cheeses but there was surprisingly little interest, or maybe not that surprising considering their general reputation. Many fine cheeses have been crafted here for decades, now there are hundreds, with more coming along every month.

Makes you proud, don’t it? Drop us a line and let us know if you might reconsider attending a class on American cheeses only. In the meantime you will find many of them making appearances in our classes such as our Cheese and Wine 101 class, the 201, Matchmaking, Microbrews, Scotch, and Best-in-Show among others. Likely our entire American line of cheeses will make an appearance in our Master Series.

Watch for many more domestics coming into their primes over the next few weeks.

Max McCalman

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