Artisanal Cheese at the 2013 NYC Bar Show

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A.K.A. The Holiday Buying Show, this show will be held at the Javits Center Monday and Tuesday, September 9th & 10th. Susan Greene asked me to join her there Monday afternoon to speak about cheese and beer. We will also taste some cheeses and beers in addition to discussing them.

These two ferments have been enjoyed together for millennia, though in Mastering Cheese I referred to their pairing as “…an exciting new frontier.”

I suppose I may have intended to make the following point with that statement — that the pairing of cheese and beer has not been explored so much as it has simply been an everyday pleasure. That seems to be the case here in the United States. And here, by the way, it seems to be all about the pairings these days. So you would think that this would have been fully studied.

Not to take the fun out of the experience but there are some fundamental principles of food and beverage pairings that apply. I have always been intrigued in the “why” of pairings. Detection of what is working well together is one thing: fairly straight-forward with some allowances for personal preferences. This level of subjectivity is one reason why I don’t buy into the “tasting” practices where you are given one cheese to go with one beverage, then a second cheese to go with a second beverage, etc. I would rather let my own palate decide what works, thank you, and not be told that this or that is the right pairing. I prefer to approach the tasting of foods and beverages as more of a laboratory, with as many combinations as I can possibly assess.

Our beer expert friend, Herr Frederik Bohn, insists that beer and cheese pairings definitely offer greater variety than cheese and wine pairings.

We’ll see about that, and also try to figure out why at Javits on Monday.

- Max McCalman

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