Artisanal Cheese Committee Preps For Spring

jjblog3 Artisanal Cheese Committee Preps For Spring

As Spring slowly creeps in we are gearing up for the fresh, luscious cheeses the season will bring us. To jumpstart the process the Artisanal Premium Cheese “Cheese Committee” recently convened to begin the selection process. The process of tasting and selecting cheeses is a lengthy one. We gather our “Cheese Committee” led by Director of Affinage (Alex Garcia) Maitre Fromager (Max McCalman) and Chef/Proprietor (Terrance Brennan) along with members of our Sales, Marketing, and Production teams. We taste, critique, and vote on each cheese before it becomes part of Artisanal Premium Cheese’s cheese collection.

jjblog2 Artisanal Cheese Committee Preps For SpringJust back from an invigorating trip to Oregon, Max McCalman, was eager to share with us some of his favorite cheese from the Pacific Northwest. We tasted luscious, golden-hued Jersey cow’s milk Brindisi from Willamette Valley Cheese Company. Another favorite from Willamette Valley Cheese Company was their Framstead Gouda. Buttery, creamy, and sweet this young Gouda is sure to be a hit! Another standout was Classico, a hard goat’s milk cheese with a sweet, floral flavor and crystalline texture. It is the perfect cheeses to savor for dessert with a sweet Muscat or Port glazed figs. Rivers Edge Chévre, located in Oregon’s Central Coast Range, offered a small format version of their Ilahee Tomme. This smoky, savory, hard raw goat’s milk cheese possessed a unique flavor and a distinctive presentation. As we sat around the tasting table we were inspired by the cheeses and proposed a Pacific Northwest Class for late Spring featuring some of our new cheese finds. Check our class curriculum in the coming weeks for details.

This was just the first Spring cheese collection meeting. We have more to come before we make our final selections. Stay tuned in the coming months for your chance to taste the bounty of the season!

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