Beer & Cheese Bash

Cheese and beer have been great partners for centuries. Some of the regions where exceptional cheeses are produced also happen to be known for their fine ales. The effervescence of beers lifts up the deep flavors in some of the aged cheeses, and the brighter flavor notes in beers can balance the lighter notes in many of the younger cheeses.

There are many cheeses that pair admirably with beer; some cheeses incorporate beer into their production, or at least some of the ingredients that go into beers.

Some of our all-around favorite beer cheeses include Flösserkäse (which is washed in hops), the Beermat (which is washed in wheat beer), the Tarentaise from Vermont (more beer produced in that beautiful state than wine, the Putnam’s Tarentaise is excellent with a pilsner or lager), the Mousseron Jurassien (lip-smacking delicious right now), the raw-milk French Raclette (no melting required), the Bavarian Limburger (a classic match), the Quicke’s Cheddar (outstanding with an I.P.A.), the Andeerer Schmuggler (from the award-winning dairy in Canton Graubünden) or the Austrian Hittisau (buttery, nutty and full-flavored at a relatively young age for this type of cheese).

For more information on pairing cheese with beer check out the chapter on Beer in my latest book – Mastering Cheese. Or sign up for our next class on Craft Beer & Cheese and get a guided tasting tour with our cheese and beer experts.

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Posted by Max McCalman

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