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gray kunz Between Courses With Cafe GrayBelow is an interview with Gray Kunz, Chef / Owner of Cafe Gray:

When did you decide you would work in a kitchen?

I have three brothers and they are all Chefs. At 14 years old I started cooking in a restaurant during summer to earn money!

What is your greatest rewarding moment as a Chef/Owner?

My biggest reward is to see people that have worked in my kitchens who have become their own entities. It is also rewarding to see my business growing. We’ve recently opened Grayz and I am very happy with it.

Do you have cheese or dessert when you go out to restaurants?

I must admit that I have a sweet tooth BUT if you have a great piece of cheese, I can have that as an entire dinner! Forget about meat, fish, etc… give me a GOOD piece of cheese fully matured on a piece of bread with some wine and I am very happy!

If you had to make a cheese, what would it taste like? What type of milk will it be made of?

Simple mozzarella style!! No, just kidding…It would probably be a cow’s milk, a washed rind cheese, a Reblochon style…Simple & complex! cage gray 1 Between Courses With Cafe GrayToni tells me what is the best available right now and I kind of follow his lead. He tells me what is great, not necessarily what I like.

What amazes you in cheese in general?

The process is what amazes me the most. It has a lot to do with art. For me it is an Art form.

What do you have to say to our readers?

Keep on eating Artisanal cheese and be daring about them! If you love food then you should never exclude cheese as it is such an integral part of good eating.

Is executive chef a larger role than what it used to be?

There is a distinction between a Chef-Owner and an executive Chef. Larry Finn, my Executive Chef is the person in the trenches. He has a big responsibility on the food side of the business but also now on the financial side of it. At Café Gray it has become a steep learning curve when it comes to Human Resources, Finance, it has become a much more complex task to manage. Larry is a very good guy, a good person on top of being an excellent Chef.

What is your favorite cheese in winter?

d’Or. Tome vaudoise.

What amazes you in cheese in general?

What amazes me is the process. It is a natural chemical process, it’s about intuition, timing, it’s an art form. Diversity is also something that amazes me.

Is there a cheese you would have loved to make?

In my apprenticeship, we studied a lot about cheese making. I would love to be with the person that makes a Gruyere from the beginning g to the end.

Do you think customers are daring enough?

The American public has become very daring. The more daring they are, the more challenges they pose for the Chefs. It elevates the standard, the knowledge and also gives the Chef a great ordeal of space to maneuver in. There are a lot of possibilities but daring means that must have good solid foundation, solid techniques.

Has the diversity and quality of cheese evolved in the restaurant industry?

YES! It has evolved tremendously. 18 years ago nobody was thinking about cheese then. The choice and variety is amazing. Coming from Switzerland I had to have cheese so I feel better now! Terrance has done a lot to that!

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