Cheese, a “Near-Perfect” Food

At a Mediterranean Diet conference that I attended recently it was interesting to note that the cooking demos I was able to catch both included cheese in their ingredients, as in “healthy food.” We’ve known it for years, that cheese was a near-complete, a “near-perfect” food.

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While we certainly appreciate how cheese can enhance  a recipe, we enjoy fine cheeses on their own, without having to cook with them. It’s great to see that more Americans are catching on to the cheese idea; well most of them. A new store that’s opening soon near where I live in lower Manhattan has a banner that claims: “We don’t cook with butter, cream, mayo, or other unhealthy fats!”  Though the banner did not mention cheese, apparently not everyone has caught on yet.

-Max McCalman
Dean of Curriculum and Maître Fromager

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Posted by Max McCalman

One Response to “Cheese, a “Near-Perfect” Food”

  1. Frode Says:

    Cheese is not a near-perfect food, it's the best ever! ;)