Cheese and Health: Another reason to eat cheese

Sounds like a mismatch perhaps? One of the unexpected bonuses of incorporating a little cheese into your diet is what it can do for your hair.

Cheese (especially those that are crafted from sheep milk) is an excellent source of vitamin B2, also known as Riboflavin. This vitamin facilitates the use of oxygen by our hair while it also helps eliminate dandruff. Young men may want to consider this one: a deficiency of Riboflavin can lead to hair loss.

Another B vitamin that is found in elevated levels in cheese is Biotin. A sufficient quantity of this vitamin is essential for healthy hair. A deficiency of Biotin can also lead to hair loss.

The amino acid that is named after cheese – Tyrosine – is a precursor to melanin, which is responsible for the color of our hair, among many other wonderful things.

A significant component of hair is a protein called keratin. This protein is formed by polypeptides constructed from amino acids that are found in high concentration in cheese.

Bottom line: eat cheese and provide the nutrients required for healthy, colorful hair, without dandruff. Start today.

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    we have seen several eye diseases. Nice to see all of this information.

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