Cheese and the Common Cold

Could it be that cheese might help prevent us from catching colds? We firmly believe that cheese is a near-perfect food yet we hesitate to make vigorous claims on behalf of the nutritive values that can be derived from artisanal cheeses; well, actually we do have some compelling evidence supporting those claims.

While studying some of the many nutritive values I stumbled across a few of them that suggest that cheese may be able to prevent or help cure the common cold.

One report states that a fatty acid – monolaurin – that is provided by milk is known to decrease symptoms of the flu. This report goes on to state that the monolaurin apparently works by affecting the lipid membrane of these viruses.

An amino acid found in high concentration in cheese – lysine – fights viruses, and a vitamin – Niacin – helps prevent canker sores.

Granted, not all of these nutrients may be directly linked to the common cold (yet) but they appear to be associated with alleviating the symptoms, if not with the prevention or cure of viral diseases such as the common cold.

These nutrients can be purchased as supplements but it is increasingly recommended that we derive those nutrients from the foods we eat. The nutrients in cheese work synergistically; they don’t stand alone.

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3 Responses to “Cheese and the Common Cold”

  1. Carlos Yescas Says:

    Interesting insights, now the real question is: what cheese to eat when you have a cold? I normally go for the Alpine region style cheeses, but definitely a creamy piece of Mont D'Or would be awesome to fight the flu.

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