Cheese is fattening? Lose weight with Cheese!

Last Sunday’s New York Times article on cheese and obesity made some people a little upset, not because we now have to give up our beloved food but because we think that cheese is being inaccurately maligned once again. These anti-cheese pronouncements are a little too frequent.

Fortunately, the article did mention that if we are cutting back on cheese with all its saturated fats, then what replaces it might be worse. No doubt!

There was no mention of the satiety factor that cheese possesses – that a little bit of cheese can stave off hunger more effectively than many other foods. After all, it is a near-complete food. There was no mention of its several components that help us to moderate our appetite and help us metabolize the proteins and fats from the other foods that we consume.

From reading that article one might think that all cheeses are the same, that their nutritive values are similar, and that we eat too much cheese as it is. We happen not to eat as much cheese as the French, the Italians, and far less than the Greeks. Yet they don’t appear to have the problems with obesity that we do, nor do they have as great a problem with cardiovascular diseases or cancers; and those guys smoke!

I address several of the amazing healthy benefits that are offered by various cheeses (especially when accompanied with moderate amounts of wine) in our Cheese & Wine 201 seminar.

Come have a little cheese and wine with me and feel better.

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