Cheese training at Orwasher’s bakery

On a frigid windy morning in New York I ventured out to perform my good deed of the day, “to spread the curd” as Max Mccalman would say and train the counter employees at Orwasher’s Bakery. Orwasher’s is the first retail operation Artisanal Premium Cheese has opened in Manhattan. I was received with great interest and enthusiasm as the staff learned about cheese making, cheese types, cheese displays and our cheese clock and condiments.
atthestore Cheese training at Orwasher’s bakery

The aromas of freshly baked bread together with the cheeses and freshly roasted coffee made for an olfactory smorgasbord. Even some customers that would stop by wanted a bit of the cheese training experience while they patiently waited for their favorite loaf of bread. Some of the Orwasher’s Wine Breads made beautiful pairings with the cheeses completing the divine trifecta of cheese, bread and wine, leaving the palate longing for more, but as with all good things, they come to an end, and I patiently donned my winter gear and returned to my cheese sanctuary on the West side.

-Waldemar Albrecht
Director of Business Development

Spread the curd!
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3 Responses to “Cheese training at Orwasher’s bakery”

  1. Picon Says:

    It sounds delicious and inviting, I'll visit for sure!

  2. Adri Says:

    Finally a new retail location! I'm sure It's a nice and great shopping experience at this new place. I'm dying to go and get some fabulous cheese next time I'm in New York City.

    I hope you guys would expand more and open a location in Boston, that way I won't have to travel so far to get my delicious treats.



  3. KERIN Says:

    Yum, you had me salivating at olfactory smorgasbord. WOW…where is this bakery? I think I may have tasted this wine bread at one of your amazing classes that you host at the Artisanal Cheese Center on the West Side. (They really are amazing, I learn so much from your enthusiastic, passionate and very knowledgeable instructors) Wine Yeast for bread? Genius. Whoever thought of that, I want to meet them….the bread was delicious and thanks for spreading the curd. Love it.