Cheesemaking: Is it Women’s Work?

tibetan cheesemaker Cheesemaking: Is it Womens Work? Last week, in our regular staff meeting, we were discussing the upcoming class on Women Cheesemakers. This is definitely going to be a terrific class, everyone here is certain of it. But it has been hard to get that word out! What’s so exciting about women cheesemakers? But that’s just the point. As we asked that question and our discussion got rolling, we came up with many more related questions that intrigued each one of us.

Jessica wondered why the craft of cheesemaking in America seems to be attracting more and more women. Alex related a little history of women on the farm worldwide, making cheese for their own families, and so on. I asked whether we should post a blog entry on whether or not this is traditionally “women’s work” … and was hammered with a chorus of derision and mockery… how could I even suggest such a reactionary outlook? Well, apparently I was not the first to wonder.
And as for Jessica’s question, read more here.

Meanwhile, here (below) are just a few of the women cheesemakers of the world that we know and love, and that you might encounter in the class next month, along with their farms and some of their wonderful cheeses.

Allison Hooper
Vermont Butter and Cheese Company
Coupole, Bonne Buche, Bijou, some of the best Brittany style butter and crème fraîche
Read also, Alex’s, A Visit To Vermont Butter And Cheese Company

Angie & Victoria Kehler
Jasper Hill Farm
Constant Bliss, Bayley Hazen Blue, Winnemere

Anne Wigmore
Wigmore Farm
Wigmore Cheese

Breda Maher
Cooleeney Farm

Janine Putnam
Thistle Hill Farm

Jeffa Gill and daughter Sarah Bates
Durrus, West Cork, Ireland

Judy Shad
Capriole Farm
Wabash Cannonball
Crocodile Tears
Piper’s Pyramid

Meanwhile, let me remind you, Mother’s Day is soon! The class on Women Cheesemakers will not only be great fun, but it will be great to take your mother to!

angie kehler Cheesemaking: Is it Womens Work?
cindy major Cheesemaking: Is it Womens Work?
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mary quicke Cheesemaking: Is it Womens Work?

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