First Class at Alison Eighteen

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We start off our summer classes at Alison Eighteen in just a few hours. Our temporary classroom is looking very nice, in the restaurant’s downstairs private dining room. The address is convenient too, at 15 West 18th street, just west of Fifth Avenue, in the Flat Iron District and close to parking and public transportation, far more convenient than our former address on Tenth Avenue (unless you happen to live in Hell’s Kitchen). We are competing with the All Stars’ Game tonight at Citifield, as well as an oppressive heat wave, so we have a small group attending this first session — a Cheese & Wine 101.

Alison and I selected the wines last week, wines we thought would fit the weather forecast: a white Bordeaux, a Chardonnay, a Minervois rosé, and a Mediterranean vin de pays Merlot blend. All the cheeses are southern European (except for the lick-smacking delicious aged Dutch Gouda) a delightful mix of cheeses to taste with these wines, twenty eight combinations to try. Oh my! We look forward to finding some new cheese pairings for these summer wines and we will report the top picks later.

I already had my fruits and nuts this morning; this evening’s 101 will be my dinner.

- Max McCalman

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