Day 1

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Dateline: Monte Carlo, Monaco
Aboard Oceania Cruise Ship, The Riviera

There is a little cloud cover this afternoon, not what was forecasted. We are anchored close to shore but the swells remind me of those you experience when out at sea. Time to get a little more cheese in the tummy. That’ll make it all better.

I am still getting my bearings on board, finding the locations for my seminars; getting acquainted with the crew and a few passengers; looking at the various restaurants’ menus and wine lists; and planning side trips at some of the ports. The first fromageries we are going to visit are in Cannes…we dock there tomorrow. Stay Tuned!

The cheese selection at the Terrace Café on board last night clearly indicated a recent stop in Spain; likely Barcelona. The pressed sheep milk cheeses similar to our own one year old Manchego and Royale were all delicious of course. The Spanish pressed sheep cheeses are some of my favorite styles. These types of cheeses have found their way on board ships sailing around the world for many centuries. They are quite seaworthy; they hold up, even without refrigeration for extended periods. It was heartening to see how popular this part of the buffet seemed to be all evening long. I myself went back for seconds.

This cruise highlights the cheeses and wines of the region. The cheeses and wines aboard this ship are incomparable, which I suppose is why they asked me to be a guest lecturer.

- Max McCalman

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