Do Cheeses Have Feelings?

At this point, most of us know that cheeses are alive – full of micro-organisms that continually evolve and impact character, texture and flavor profile. Crazy as it may seem, artisan cheeses constantly change and adapt over their lifetimes. At birth, they often have little resemblance to their more mature selves – of days, weeks or even years later.

This maturing certainly gives cheeses their flavor. It also imparts a distinct, visual identity to the cheese itself. Trust me when I say that a cheese can have its own personality, and be quite extraordinary looking.

Over the last year, I shot portraits of several hundred Artisanal cheeses, and along the way witnessed some very dramatic characters. Some were quite pretty and pristine. Others rough looking. They were strong, silent, stoic and shy. They were all very different.

Artisan cheeses certainly look like characters. They have real personalities. They are interesting. You have to wonder if they have feelings of their own.
Next time, before devouring your cheeses, take a few moments and stare at them. You may catch them winking back at you.

Here are a few of my favorites.

thebrain Do Cheeses Have Feelings?
The Brain
chabichou Do Cheeses Have Feelings?
The Old Married Couple
shropshire Do Cheeses Have Feelings?
The Bully
mousseron Do Cheeses Have Feelings?
The Smiling Cheese

-Joshua Shuab
Photographer, Writer and Strategic Communications Specialist

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