Do You Ever Get Sick of Cheese?

Ever since I started at Artisanal, people ask me, “Don’t you ever get sick of eating cheese”? That is an interesting question that makes me wonder, what would it take for one to become sick from eating cheese? I know I could become sick from eating a lot of other foods, but never the almighty cheese!

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Whenever someone would ask me that question I would always answer no, because I truly believe, that I could never become sick (or tired, as they may put it) of this wonderful and wholesome thing we know as artisan cheese. It is one of the most interesting and delicious foods I have ever come in contact with. I guess they assume since I work for Artisanal that all I eat is cheese morning, noon and night? This is true, but do you think that would be so bad?

The question brings to mind a story that happened one day early in my rookie year at Artisanal. Back then I was able to experience a lovely artisan cheese at each meal. This was only partly planned out, because yes, it is my duty to taste what I sell, and I clearly do not have a problem with that, but what I didn’t realize until then is that there is a different cheese to be enjoyed for each part of the day. Whether it is a mild aged goat cheese like Valencay to brighten your morning, a warm nutty Gruyere for a cozy afternoon snack or a soft creamy stinky slice of your favorite washed rind to pair up the evening, there was something for everyone. The sky is truly the limit…

- Christopher Farris
Culinary Advisor

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