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You can’t miss when you include cheese in your entertaining, especially during the busy holiday season. Besides being especially delicious, cheese is also relatively easy to serve. You don’t have to cook it, no pots and pans to clean up; the preparation work has already been done for you, most of it at the creamery where the cheese was crafted. Here at the Artisanal Cheese Center we take over with the finishing touches of ripening the cheese to its peak stage of ripeness.

We sometimes call the Artisanal Cheese Center a Day School for Cheese, or it might be called a “finishing” school. Once you order your cheeses they will arrive ready to enjoy. All you have to do is take them out of their wrappers and set them out on a cutting board.

If you are unsure of what cheeses to order or you don’t have the time to make your specific selections, you can order one of our cheese collections. The Celebration Collection is essentially a “party in a box” with a variety of cheeses and nice accompaniments. Or for a more intimate gathering you might simply choose Max’s Picks. In that collection I choose three different cheeses that I would consider having on my plate at the time.

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