Finding Great Cheeses for a Great Price

Artisan Cheese shouldn’t just be for those with a “sophisticated palette,” or Fifth Avenue residents, but for anyone who appreciates a well crafted piece of cheese. As a senior in college, I thought I’d have a hard time fitting artisan cheeses into my budget, but after a session with Denis Cottin, Artisanal’s resident affineur, I’ve come to realize that not all Artisan cheeses are out of reach.

strawberry Finding Great Cheeses for a Great Price Many goat cheeses are in season right now, and it’s the perfect time of year for them. These soft, creamy cheeses match the fruits that are also at their peak. Fleur de lis pairs perfectly with summer strawberries, or any other fresh fruit. Since this is the only time of year that some of these cheeses are made, it’s the perfect opportunity to try them with the best of the summer fruits available. Cabecou Feuille, another goat cheese, is perfect with fresh peaches (since it’s marinated with peach schnapps) and at its price, it’s hard to resist.

Not into goat cheese? Banon de Chalais is a soft cow’s milk cheese, or you can try Saint Marcellin, another soft cow cheese that is super creamy. You don’t need to know a lot about cheese to see that these taste good—the pictures say a thousand words.

As a newbie to the world of fine cheeses, I was a little afraid to dive in for fear of never being able to afford what they let me try at work. I’m not worried anymore.

Holly Walker

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