From the Land of Milk and Honey

PC 10924 From the Land of Milk and Honey

We just rediscovered some lovely cheeses from Israel. We recall trying these cheeses several years ago and thought they were very good; they are even better today. The Shahat, Tiltan, Tavor and the Gilboa are produced at Barkanit Dairy, a small family farm in the northern part of the country. The herds of goats and sheep graze on the dairy’s 500 acre pastures which are verdant year-round. The animals provide fresh high-quality milk from which the cheeses are crafted. The cheese makers studied cheese making in France and Spain to develop the recipes for their handmade cheeses.

The cheeses are produced with pasteurized milk and the cheeses are OU and Cholov Yisroel Kosher. The young cheeses are air-shipped to us to ensure that they arrive in good form. To maintain the Kosher status we leave the young cheeses in their wrappers and allow them to mature gracefully in our own temperature and humidity controlled cheese caves.

Dairying has been practiced in this region of the world for millennia. We believe that they have perfected the craft of cheese making today.

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