Fruit, Coffee and Cheese – the best start!

coffee2 Fruit, Coffee and Cheese   the best start!
It’s been one of my favorite breakfasts for years – some fresh fruit, a great cheese, and some fresh-brewed coffee, maybe with a little honey thrown in, either on the cheese or directly into my black coffee. I’ve been lucky enough to have a lot of great fruit options available for most of my life, especially while growing up in Brazil. At a fairly early age I often took a sip of fine rich coffee with a little milk and sugar mixed in. There was a coffee bean roasting plant across the street from my grade school in Brazil, and the aromas wafting around my classroom made it difficult to resist. Fortunately my mother let me taste a little of her coffee, with milk and sugar; I became a big fan of good coffee at an early age, I’m a little spoiled that way.

Before I fell in love with good coffee I developed an appreciation for cheese. Unfortunately, my parents didn’t trust the cheeses in Brazil back then, so during my formative years I only had two of those three parts of the start of the day: the fruits (many) and the coffee (fresh-roasted and heavenly).

Since being back in the states I have been able to enjoy all three ever since, in some combination or another, and it’s always provided me with an easy-to-muster and marvelous foundation for a busy day. Having had that fresh-roasted coffee growing up makes the brown liquid that often passes for coffee particularly disdainful. I prefer to go without any coffee if that is all that is available.

coffee3 Fruit, Coffee and Cheese   the best start!

Now we have a coffee bean roaster right here at the Artisanal Cheese Center and it makes my day. The taste of the freshly-roasted Brazilian coffee takes me back to my childhood, and now I have some wonderful cheeses alongside, as well as the fruit. I can say that it gives me the best way to begin the day. Without filling me up, I get the “near-perfect” and easy to prepare breakfast: fresh fruit, fine cheese and great coffee. After that start I’m usually good for hours, and I can run out and face the day in full force.

Along with the Brazilian beans we also roast Kenyan and Sumantran – they are fabulous too, so I like to alternate my coffees the same way I alternate my cheeses and fruits. It’s surprising how well these three foods work together.

Max McCalman
-Dean of Curriculum
Dean of Curriculum and Maître Fromager

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