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The Manchester is a raw-milk cheese made with goat milk, one of the few unpasteurized goat cheeses we carry. I recommended Master Cheesemaker Peter Dixon to the owner of the dairy – Consider Bardwell a few years ago when its owner – Angela Miller – was looking for someone to bring her products to a higher level of quality. Peter has been widely recognized in the US for his knack for making superior cheeses, especially in the northeast.

The Manchester has won awards from the American Cheese Society, yet some people don’t quite understand the flavor of this cheese. Some people just can’t seem to get the goat. If they would try pairing this cheese with a Sauvignon Blanc or better, a Chenin Blanc, I believe they will get it.

It is important to keep in mind that these types of youngish goat cheeses possess a good dose of vitamins A & D, far more than the pasteurized versions, and more than cheeses made with cow or sheep milk.

Those other cheeses have their relative strengths of nutrients as well, yet we already have an alarming vitamin D deficiency epidemic in this country as it is. A surrogate source for D is sunshine but we don’t see enough of that, or we are afraid of the harmful effects of exposure to sun and we cover ourselves up with spf 60.

The Manchester is available seasonally, whatever is left will be gone soon and we won’t see them again until late spring next year. Another phenomenal cheese from the same dairy is the Dorset. This one is similar but made with cow milk so it has fewer limitations in its availability. The Dorset is more pungent and it has more CLA than the Manchester.

Both of these cheeses are delicious and nutritious; both of them are excellent but they won’t be around indefinitely. So go ahead and get your goat today, and get your cow too.

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