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When we ask people about their cheese preferences they usually tell us that they love all kinds of cheese, yet many people inform us that they can’t do the goat cheeses. What a pity. I suppose we could say that that leaves more for the rest of us.

I use to think that people could not tolerate goat cheeses because they may have had a bad goat cheese in the past, and one you’ve had a bad one you are reminded of it every time you encounter one ever after. That could be part of it but there may be other reasons too.

Some goat cheeses have a little animal flavor and aroma; they can be a little “barnyardy.” This often happens when the males get too close to the milking parlot. Though that musky aroma may be an aphrodisiac for the does, it can be a bit much for a cheese that is supposed to be a little mild and creamy-flavored. Goat milk cheeses are most often consumed on the younger side, younger than sheep or cow cheeses.

Or it could be a combination of those acids that are found in higher concentrations in goat cheeses. And for others it could be the chalky, clay texture – a signature of the goat cheeses.

One thing that we must bear in mind is that goat milk cheeses are unique; they comprise a world unto themselves. And they come in so many styles that to write them off entirely may cause you to miss out on some of the loveliest cheeses in existence.

All else being equal, if you are having three cheeses made from the primary dairy animals: goat, sheep and cow; it is generally recommended that you taste the goat cheese first, then the sheep, then the cow cheese. This is partly because the goat cheeses are easier to digest than the sheep cheeses, which are easier than the cow cheeses. This is assuming that each of them follows the same recipe. This may help someone get past the goat no-no if they begin with the goat, instead of finish with it, while they are a little hungrier.

And because the nutritive values in the various cheeses are all a little different, you might miss out on having some of those that are found in higher concentrations in goat. There’s that. Additionally, some wines that clash with other milk types may present beautiful pairings with the goat cheeses.

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