Give Cheese a Little Respect

We anticipate a room full of applicants at this year’s American Cheese Society’s Conference, almost 200 cheese peeps who will be taking the broad-based exam, each one hoping to become an ACS Certified Cheese Professional. You have to be more than merely a cheese “lover” to sit for the exam; you must show work experience in the cheese industry. The application process is closed for this year’s exam; the ACS is now accepting applications for the 2014 exam. Again, the exam is broad-based; no one who took the first exam last year got all the answers correct. Cool thing about cheese: there are so many facets to it. This certification is intended to support the artisan cheese industry by promoting education and recognizing the professional skills required to properly care for cheese. We believe the Certification effort is the best thing that ever happened to the American Cheese Society. It should go a long way to getting cheese some respect.

- Max McCalman

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