Harvest Moon

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Starting this Saturday, September 29th, residents of the northern hemisphere will be treated to the sight of a full moon. And not just any full moon – a harvest moon, so named because its light allows farmers to work in the fields later into the evening than usual. Since we’re all cheese fanatics here at Artisanal, whenever we hear anything about the moon we cannot help but think of that famous tongue-in-cheek line collected in John Heywood’s 1546 Proverbes: “You set circumstances to make me believe/Or think, that the moon is made of green cheese,” green in this case denoting not color but newness. Although only the credulous will swallow such a claim, the notion of a large celestial body made entirely of cheese is a rather tantalizing thought for some of us.

This moon-made-out-of-cheese fancy saw an imaginative realization in Nick Park’s 1989 animated short, “A Grand Day Out,” starring Wallace (perhaps cinema’s greatest turophile) and his canine pal Gromit. The claymation duo want to go “somewhere where there’s cheese” – what better place than that pockmarked hunk of deliciousness orbiting the earth? Click here for a glimpse of their enviable excursion.

The ancients recognized the moon-cheese resemblance long before either Heywood or Wallace and Gromit. One of the first-ever cheese brand names was “La Luna,” developed by the Romans around 300AD. This was a highly popular precursor to modern-day Parmesan.

Enjoy the moonlight this weekend, folks – and if you feel a craving for cheese, Artisanal’s got your back.

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