How Much Cheese Can I Eat?

You can eat as much cheese as you want to and not worry. This is my opinion.

It could be said that eating too much cheese would not be good for you. Some people go so far as to say that no cheese is good for you. Too much of anything may not be a good thing. “Everything in moderation” is the preferred phrase.

I recall a phase early in my cheese career where I decided to have a little competition with a colleague to see how much weight we might put on by eating as much cheese as we possibly could. We went through this for about a month and discovered that we were both losing weight, especially around the abdomen. This was years before we knew about the weight-reducing properties of CLA – conjugated linoleic acid.

As I recall, we were eating quite a lot of cheese during that time, yet we were not eating as much other foods. No surprise there; we were sated. Fortunately cheese is a near-complete food.

If you only eat one pound of cheese each week you still will not be eating as much as the Greeks. I eat a little more than that but I don’t seem to be suffering for it. And as a matter of fact, my appetite for other foods has not suffered either. This brings to mind all of the other attributes of cheese – it has components that help to metabolize the foods that we eat, including the cheese itself.

Yet with cheese, a little bit can go a long way. Most everyone will reach a point where they will say (regarding eating cheese) “I’m good.”

I know several people who have said that they could be paid for their work in cheese, and indeed cheese was used as a form of currency in the not-too-distant past. I just happen to be someone lucky enough to eat cheese for a living.

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