Is Summer Too Hot For Having Cheese?

A lot of people think that Summer is too hot for having cheese but it’s time to have something more refreshing.

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Let me tell these people that they are flat out wrong. Summer IS the best time to enjoy cheese. Indeed sheep and goats have been grazing since this Spring on luscious and fresh grass. Their diet has become richer and therefore the cheeses made from their milking will be more complex in flavors. We should all be splurging on Saint-Maure, Banon de Chalais, Creme de Chevre, and Laurier.

The large wheels of cheeses such as Comte du Fort des Rousses, Hoch Ybrig, Tarentaise 1 year old made last year have now reached a certain maturity.

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So here we are with the largest cheese selection available.
Let’s not forget the fresh cheeses like the Hoja Santa, aged Crottin that make your mouth water as well that you will rinse with your favorite rosé or perfectly chilled white wine. There is however one category I will stay away during Summer: the washed-rind cheeses. They are to me too strong for being part of my Summer selection. On the other hand sometimes it is hard to resist to a perfectly affine one like a Livarot or Affidelice! Have a Great Summer with cheese!

Toni Amira
Director of Sales

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