Juslyn Wines – Napa Valley Wine & Cheese Tasting

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Thursday, April 14th, we will be joined by New York City native Stephanie DeMasi in a tasting of the elegant Napa wines of Juslyn Vineyards and fine Artisanal cheeses. Juslyn is best known for their Cabernet Sauvignons so we will taste three of them, along with one of their Sauvignon Blancs. As I like to point out, no two Cabs are the same.

In a pre-event tasting of these elegant reds, we found that each one had its own synergies with different cheeses. This April event will give you the opportunity to taste and see how these delicious but different wines pair with luxury cheeses; in essence we will be getting down to the nitty-gritty of successful cheese and wine pairings.

Fortunately the Juslyn wines are all top shelf, and of course the cheeses are no slackers themselves. Along with tasting these outstanding Napa wines alongside phenomenal cheeses, we will also have the pleasure of having Stephanie co-teach with me. Her bio suggests a thorough knowledge of wines, not just Juslyn’s.

Bring along your hungry and thirstly palate, as well as your questions about wines and cheeses.

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