Living on Cheese

I have heard many people say that they could live on cheese alone, or they can eat a “ton” of cheese. Even more often, I hear people say that they love cheese. My quick reply to that one is “Cheese loves you!” All these phrases are accurate, except the one about being able to eat a ton of cheese. I probably passed that milestone many years ago but I believe people are suggesting that they could eat a ton (as in several pounds) in one setting.

Not likely. Even one pound in one setting would be difficult. I consume about two pounds each week (which is about three times our national average). I could eat a little more but I am sated with that amount. This is a quality of fine cheeses; they have that “satiety factor.” Being the near-complete food that it is, your body will recognize that it has had enough cheese long before you consume a ton of it. Yet people that say they could eat a ton of cheese seem to suggest that they can do it and not feel guilty about it. The only guilt that I can think of here might be the gluttony matter, or that you are not leaving enough for all the rest of us.

I can think of a number of occasions when I tasted well over one hundred cheeses in a single day. However that was tasting them, not devouring them. When I taste cheeses as a professional, I usually require at least half an ounce of each. That comes to a little over 3 pounds in a day. That would bring me up to about a half a ton in a year.

As much as I love cheese I don’t see that happening. As to living on cheese alone, that is almost possible. Cheese does contain all the nutrients we require except for vitamin C and fiber. Cheese also lacks enough water so you have to have some water to go with your all-cheese diet. Another thing that cheese lacks is sufficient calories. You will reach that “I’m good” point in your cheese consumption long before you have had enough calories.

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