Marketing 101

It was during the “Meet the Cheese Authors 2008″ while working as a server that I was first approached to join the company.

Being the Events Coordinator was the furthest thing from my mind. I interned as a server for the cheese and wine classes in the spring of 2008 in exchange for paying the attendance fee. Since I worked at the Bistro and at Picholine, the internship offered a complement to my education and introduced me to the world of wine and cheesemakers. It was a refreshing diversion from manning two front desks.

classplate2 Marketing 101

Today, besides spearheading the classes, I order wines, cheese, waiters, linens, etc. There is constant communication with instructors and co-sponsors. With the downturn and the long haul of summer, I’ve learned to keep an ever increasing eye on enrollments. The role is teaching me basic marketing skills such as reaching out to work with co-sponsors, creating gift certificates, advertisements, contests and trades. Every class has a different demographic and keeping in front of that demographic is key. I keep an eye on beer, spirit and wine happenings around town to consider possible cross promotions. The role takes networking, imagination and social finesse. One day, I’m pitching to tour groups and leasing agents, another day I’m pitching to suppliers of hams and cured meats. Presently, I’m designing questionnaires to test the cheese knowledge of our attendees and to give them incentives to come back. It delighted me to know that someone knew all the answers to my quiz “Are You an Artisanal Regular? It was, after all, in the classes that I first became passionate about cheese and I’m reminded of how I got here in the first place.

-Verna Valencia
Events Coordinator

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