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There is a great book by that title, if I say so myself. The idea for a book by that title was suggested by my Random House editor – Ms. Rica Allannic. She knew about the Master Intensive Series we offer. The series has been a mainstay of our curriculum since the Artisanal Cheese Center opened in May, 2003.

As we close in on our eighth birthday we can look back with pride on those series. Scores of students have used what they learned to begin or enhance their cheese careers. We in turn have gained excellent feedback so that we can improve the series, either by scheduling changes or modifications to the class content. These comments have helped us to hone our Master Series to one that focuses more time on those areas of particular interest.

As mentioned earlier in this column, we have consolidated the series into a two-day course. This seems to work best for those who are coming to New York from out of town, far easier to spend two days here than three, or if here for a couple of extra days this allows for other pursuits while visiting. It is easier for full-time workers to get away for a Sunday and Monday than to take off a third day or more. It is a little less disruptive to busy people’s lives to get it all wrapped up in two days. Combining all of the contents into two days means that we make the days longer; there is so much to cover, and so many cheeses to eat too!

Keeping the classes small allows for greater interaction and individual focus. The two ten-hour days seemed to suit everyone that attended the last series just fine. As the title suggests, it is “intensive” yet it is also quite a lot of fun.

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