New Class at Artisanal!

The idea:
Simple entertaining with charcuterie & cheese.
charcuterie plate New Class at Artisanal!

The Point:
Join us at Artisanal and let us share some of our secrets to simple summer entertaining. Low maintenance and high quality is the key to making sure you enjoy your next summer party as much as your guests. You can even take these tips on the road and bring a charcuterie board as a host or hostess gift. You’ll learn what we mean by “charcuterie”, what cheeses to pair and how to create a charcuterie board based on your own personal tastes. And of course, don’t forget the wine, champagne, rose, port, we tried them all and see what we recommend serving at your next summer get together. Most importantly, keep it simple by skipping the hours of preparation, relax and enjoy instead!

Waldy jumped on the chance to do this research and asked Max to join him for a tasting to select the best pairings of cheese, charcuterie & wine.
bistro New Class at Artisanal!
June 27th – save the date! We’ll do it in time for summer entertaining. In fact, we could teach this class once a season and keep the simple entertaining theme year round.

Off to the Bistro for a tasting. They’ve got it all, charcuterie, a fabulous retail cheese counter and an excellent wine selection. Let the fun begin!

1st Stop – The Cheese Counter
charcuterie tasting1 New Class at Artisanal!
Chantal, the Cheese Counter Fromager, puts together a selection of charcuterie, including (pate, to ask Waldy exactly what we tasted!) and helps us choose some delicious at peak cheeses.

2nd Stop – The Wine List
charcuterie tasting2 New Class at Artisanal!
Svetlin, General Manager of Artisanal Fromagerie & Bistro, helps us select the perfect wines, both Max & Waldy agree that we must start with a Champagne for this festive occasion! Svetlin suggests a new wine, not yet on the wine list – a Gamay. Hands down, everyone agrees it’s a winner. Then we try a Sauvignon Blanc, but it’s a little thin against the strong flavors of the charcuterie and cheese pairings. Max’s suggests trying a Gewürztraminer instead and it’s just right.

Encounter at the Bistro
While there, we pop over to Mr. George Sandeman’s table to say hello and introduce ourselves. We’ve been working closely with Sandeman/Pernod Ricard this year as they’ve been sponsoring all of Max’s Cheese & Wine 101 classes by providing excellent wines, ports and champagnes. Mr. Sandeman has been in NYC all week meeting with the press, dining at New York’s best restaurants and tasting ports. This was the second time Max has seen him this week, as Mr. Sandeman dined at Picholine a couple night’s before. Their table is having a port tasting and Max decides on the spot that we must finish our class with a fine port. Mr. Sandeman is the 7th generation of the family! Back to our tasting….

After trying several cheeses we narrow it down to the top six, we’ve selected the charcuterie and the wines and now Waldy will get busy designing his class. He’s got the makings for a fabulous charcuterie board – come taste the fruits of our labor on June 27th and get ideas for your next party! Check our class calendar page soon for this exciting new class.

Some of the pairings we discovered:
Azeitão & Prosciutto
Georges Gardet Champagne & Roncal
Cotê Roannaise Gamay & Bonde de Gâtine, also Bayley Hazen
Cuvée Emile Wilm Gewürztraminer Reserve & Durrus

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