Why Join the Artisanal Owner’s Club?

Clubs offer something special – a place for like-minded people to be part of something they enjoy. A club offers a sense of belonging. In many Clubs there is an initiation fee and recurring dues. If for whatever reason you withdraw from the Club these payments are forfeited. However, with the Artisanal Owner’s Club you enjoy all the privileges for as long as you like and never forfeit anything. Your “dues” is an actual ownership stake in our company that you can hold onto for as long as you like. You can even bequeath it to someone in estate planning.

Belonging is what the Artisanal Owner’s Club is about – www.artisanalcheese.com/ownersclub. It’s not about the stock price – it’s personal and much more than just owning stock – at least for now! Ownership of stock in Artisanal is essentially your key to our front door – your Club membership is what makes you really belong to our company. Very quickly you will be embraced by our company – you will learn about our business with our newsletter, you will develop closer relationships with our staff, you can help us make Artisanal better by telling people what we do and sharing your own thoughts about our products, services, and new products we may offer. All of this will make us a better Company.

Once you enter our front door, you will see how the most valuable asset in our Club is our quarterly newsletter. It’s so exciting to see the first edition coming into form. You will get to know the people inside our company. You will learn about our company and our industry. We will share with you our plans, tell you about the cheeses we are marketing, our expansion into retail and what we are doing with the best chefs and hotels in the country. You also will learn how the artisan cheese business works “inside and out” – of the caves and how “we” are doing as a Company. And, you will most definitely enjoy the limited supply cheeses we will bring you every quarter that aren’t available in public markets or even on our website – these Special Reserve Cheeses are in limited quantities and available to Club members first. As you can see, your shares of Artisanal stock will mean much more to you than just another line item on a stock brokerage account statement.

Our quarterly deliveries of Special Reserve Cheeses will give entire households a chance to “stop” and celebrate “Artisanal Nights”. By offering 4 cheeses every quarter you will have a great reason to use the new porcelain Artisanal CheeseClock™ platter, plates and knives that come with ownership to improve your knowledge of cheese and pairings with your favorite wines and beers. It will be about the cheese for sure, but even more on these nights. Because in reading our newsletter, you will learn that among our first Special Reserve Cheeses this Fall, one is from a new cheese maker we found in Bucks County, PA. With only 20 cows and 9 children, you will learn the roles that his children and his wife play in producing this cheese of amazing quality. Can you envision how much better this cheese will taste once you have learned the whole story behind it?

Our Club members will also be part of a national movement that is growing rapidly. Artisanal’s success in building the largest offering of American Artisan Cheeses ever will evolve through our work with hundreds of cheese makers in rural towns nationwide. These cheese makers often have 2 -to 4 milk suppliers. Our success will, in turn, feed more business into hundreds of cheese makers and thousands of local milk suppliers. You will be a part of this story as it unfolds. Few industries can have this kind of impact on small overlooked farms and towns. If we succeed, we will create a thriving permanent industry in the USA. Sound good?

As a small publicly-traded company, our stock jumps all over the place. From morning to night it can swing a 100% “in either direction”, and sometimes even more. We can’t be distracted by this. We need to build a business and, if we do, the market for our stock will even out and become a more meaningful measure of value. For the longest time our stock had traded at $.35-$.45 per share and earlier sales of stock that we sold to investors had a common stock conversion price of $.30. We believe the benefits of the Club, if you had to pay for all the merchandising items out-of-pocket, would amount to close to $.15 per share. So keeping in mind the value of these benefits, our company having a much stronger cash position as the Club membership rises, and our stock history, we selected the price of $.50 a share as a reasonable measure of value. Our stock trades under the ticker symbol “AHFP” and if it rises above $.50 per share we aren’t planning to increase the Club price for now. We feel that strongly that our share price in the open market is not really an exact measure of value. Several Club members agreed and went ahead and bought into the Artisanal Owner’s Club to gain the benefits of the Club and then purchased lower priced stock in the open market.

As with all businesses, there is always a looming question of risk, competition and a requirement of hard work that has to be committed to by passionate people. I can assure you that the latter happens every day at Artisanal. There is always that intangible called “luck” in any successful business, but often luck can be found at the intersection of hard work and standing the test of time. Our team has put five hard years into Artisanal because we believe in Artisanal and its role in the industry. We have been undercapitalized all the way, and the Club is our means to bring on new partners and give us the financial standing we need to go after our plans.

There are thousands of investment options to choose from. Belonging to the Artisanal Owner’s Club is just different. If you are in it solely for a short-term stock trading play, then perhaps our Club is not for you. But if you love cheese or the idea of getting in on the ground floor of a company whose goal is to become an industry leader while revitalizing the dairy farmers’ industry, then join the Club – our door is open to you!

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