Pecorino Sardo and Pinot Grigio

At almost opposite sides of the country of Italy – Sardinia to the west and the Alto Adige of the northeast – the pairing of these two:
Pecorino Sardo and Pinot Grigio might be expected to be unlikely partners. The terroir couldn’t be more different between these two areas. The sheep fare better in the warmer climate of Sardinia and the Pinot Grigio expresses itself rather elegantly in the cooler climate of the Alto Adige.

Pinot Grigio has a lightness that may not stand up to the bolder cheeses very well. Take a delicious Pecorino Sardo that is not particularly overbearing and you will likely find those wines meld equitably. A great pairing for a picnic too: a chilled Pinot Grigio and a nutty Pecorino Sardo.

Being a sheep milk cheese has its advantages with a broad range of wine types. Those cheeses tend to be more forgiving than goat or cow cheeses; they rarely clash. Add to that their keeping qualities of the Pecorino Sardo especially; leftovers can be stashed for later. And the Pinot Grigios hold up well themselves of recorked and kept cool.

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