Cheese: America’s Next Favorite Protein Source?

I was happy to see cheese show up on Men’s Health recommendations for “Best Foods.” Cheese often makes the “worst” column but every once in awhile cheese gets a nod. A Men’s Health snap poll of favorite sources of protein placed chicken at the top with nearly 40% of responders, followed by beef with about 25%, then fish with 20%, eggs with less than 15%, and cheese with only 3%. Might those percentages be different if it was Women’s Health I wonder?

We are encouraged to see the publication’s recognition of cheese as one of the “Best” foods but not at all by the responses to the poll of its readers. 3%, really, is that it?

With our growing appreciation of cheese in this country, a near-tripling of per capita consumption in the last thirty years, we can only get to 3%?

Is it that most people still think of cheese as an indulgence? Some still regard it as poisonous, never mind that it is derived from our first food – milk. The protein content in cheese is not simply that, it is well-balanced proteins and the amino acids which make up those protein chains, as well as a wine array of minerals, vitamins and beneficial fatty acids.

You will derive greater nutritional values from cheese for your dollar than you will from chicken, beef, fish or eggs. Fortunately Men’s Health seems to be recognizing that cheese is good food, and that it is not just a risky indulgence.

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