Robiola Rocchetta and Dolcetto d’Alba

There are some gorgeous Robiola Rocchettas in our caves right now; they are always a welcome site. One of the many appealing qualities these cheeses have is their versatility in the matching with many many wines.

pc 10651 Robiola Rocchetta and Dolcetto dAlba A varietal that we may not expect to yield as much tolerance for many cheeses is Dolcetto d’Alba. These wines are rarely if ever crafted to be especially “fruit-forward” as is the case with many new styles.
However, I have noted quite a few successes pairing cheeses with this grape.

The first thing we may want to check for good matches are the cheeses and wines that are produced closest to one another. The Piemonte in northwest Italy is also home to a diverse range of formaggi, all milk types, even a few water buffalo cheeses. The combination of all three of the major milk types: goat, sheep and cow, give the Robiola Rocchetta many more successes than conflicts with wines.

Part of the successes of the Dolcetto d’Albas is their softness; they are less astringent than many other reds. Lovely drinking wines. The buttery creamy Robiola Rocchettas at room temperature dissolve gracefully into this smooth red, preferably served slightly cooler.

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Posted by Max McCalman

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