Schaf Reblochon and Stone Smoked Porter

10481 Schaf Reblochon and Stone Smoked Porter

We have two beer and cheese classes coming up in October; the second one on the 22nd will feature several brews from Stone Brewing Company in California. Joining our own Beer Expert Candela Prol we will have Dennis Flynn from Stone Brewing. Yesterday we tasted several cheeses with a wide range of their beers to help plan for the event.

I wouldn’t have thought to begin our tasting with a Smoked Porter, a beer type that is on the full-flavored side. Fortunately with this one the smoking is subtle and the alcohol content is moderately low. The reason we began with this one is because the hops are not as dominant as they are in most of the other ales in their line-up.

The first cheese that we tried was Coupole, and it was a lovely match for the Smoked Porter, a good starting point for a range of cheeses, fresh and creamy with a delicate tang in the finish. The chocolate and coffee-like flavors in the beer complemented the Coupole. I was reminded of a superior mocha.

Other standouts with the Smoked Porter included the Azeitão, the Tome Fermier d’Alsace, and the Quicke’s Cheddar. The star pairing was the Schaf Reblochon. We only have a limited amount of this rare cheese but it is one of my favorites, even without the Smoked Porter.

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