Spring Fever

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I see the flower everywhere outside. “It’s about time,” she says. The hunt for the first morel mushroom start with the first sunny day and chefs are ready to pay money for them. “Are you going to bring me some? She says. I reply, “Is it not funny to see a knowledgeable gourmet rushing after a mushrooms?”

I have flowers growing years round in my caves. Cheeses flourishes all the time with humidity. White bloomy Penicillium candidum and Penicillium camemberti, Blue Penicillium roqueforti, Red Brevi Bacterium Linens, Yellow Sulfur Chrysosporium sulfureum or skin type Mucor like the desirable Geotrichum candidum (often encounter on goat cheese) or the less desirable Debaryomices which could make a hole in the rind.

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This is why you always forgot to bring roses she asks?
With such beautiful living organism flourishing year round in the caves, I don’t remember to bring you others varieties, I confess.

Did you eat them she asks?
Of course I like the rind of Geotrichum covering the ripened goat. I also like the natural blue flourishing inside Bleu de Termignon or Gamonedo. I am pretty sure most of people eat the young rind of Brie and Camembert even if I often cut them when they show some orange mark – sign of ammonia – and surely, I love the Roqueforti grown on rye bread and inoculated in Roquefort cheese.

Are there some you don’t like?
Question of taste, when they distract my taste buds, I usually throw the rind away. I am not of the opinion that it’s inappropriate to get a goat cheese with blue mold. On the contrary mold is a sign of natural milk that is not over treated.

Why do people often look for only white rind?
Customers get what they ask for. They don’t like blue mold, so the cheese makers modifies the composition of the cheese.

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Did they realize they will get for what they ask for?
I’m not sure. If you don’t want GMO (genetically modified organism) or “repellants” which are currently used to stop mold to grow, then don’t be afraid by those beautiful flowers. Just take them off the rind after enjoying the pleasure of seeing them and share the smell of this dessert with your friends.

In religious silence she finishes the last bite of her blue and says “I love you”.

I hope you do!

-Denis Cottin
Director of Affinage

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  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Is it really safe to eat the mold? I'd always been told not to eat mold.