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Did you ever consider that your favorite food, among many other wonderful properties, can actually help moderate your stress levels? Cheese is the ultimate comfort food.

In researching the nutritional qualities of cheese for Mastering Cheese I consulted with Dr. Thomas Morrell, a neurologist friend who summarized the value of cheese thusly: “Cheese may just be one of the most perfect foods to capture the nutritional-emotional duality.”

The holidays present their additional stresses on top of those delivered by the chilly weather. Cheese helps us better respond to stress and pain in a myriad of ways. All the many nutrients in cheese work synergistically and are assisted with the consumption of moderate amounts of wine, or beer.

Not only will cheese help you deal with stress and pain, cheese also delivers a healthy portion of Tyrosine. This important amino acid is a precursor to norepinephrine, a deficiency of which can lead to depression. Research suggests Tyrosine may be helpful for individuals suffering from anxiety, and headaches.

A couple of other amino acids that are provided by cheese – Taurine and Tryptophan – help us as well. Taurine is used to treat anxiety. Tryptophan alleviates stress and helps to combat depression and to stabilize moods.

And if the seasonal stresses are causing us to lose sleep, we may want to have a little cheese before bedtime too. Tryptophan is used by the brain to produce serotonin, a necessary neurotransmitter that is responsible for normal sleep.

I touch on these and several other marvelous benefits that are derived from fine cheeses in one of our single-session classes – Cheese & Wine 201.

In the meantime, order a little cheese for yourself and your stressed friends. Try Max’s Healthy Plate. This selection will make it all better.

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  2. behaviouralsciences Says:

    Very interesting post,
    thanks for sharing, I love cheese but i was not know that this is helpful for reducing stress,