The new “Talk” events

In 2011 we are introducing a new series of classes on how to “talk” cheese, wine and beer. We all know that we love cheese, and wine, and beer, but how do you begin to describe what it is that you love about any of them. Or when you hear or read terms used to describe cheese, wine or beer, what do those words mean?

For example:

What is the difference between cru, côtes and clos?

And what is the difference between A.O.C. and P.D.O.?

How does “terroir” play a role in the differences among cheeses, wines and beers, and in their synergies with one another?

Where do molds, yeasts and bacteria figure in the production of cheese, wine and beer?

Some of the words that are used in the cheese world are also used in the wine world or beer world, though they usually refer to different things.

Each session includes a selection of fine artisanal cheeses coupled with wines or beers. The first session – “Cheese Talk” – is focused on the lexicon of cheese, with wines serving as the “platform” for understanding the cheeses. The second session – “Wine Talk” – is focused on wine, the wines being served will be the wines of Bordeaux and Burgundy. The third session – “Beer Talk” – will focus on the diverse and unique range of craft ales.

If you are looking for a quick and delicious way to learn how to understand and use these various terms, sign up for the full series.

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