The Vermont Institute for Artisan Cheese: New Class on Traditional Cheesemaking in Spain

In Europe there is a network of schools for cheese makers and affineurs. In France especially, it is a standard practice to have these cheese colleges turn out the new batch of cheese makers with all the most up to date and advanced techniques in cheese. not only cheese making and affinage, but also herdsman training and biology, and chemistry.

In the United States, it is few and far between that we find such fine schools dedicated to the art and science of cheesemaking. The Dairy School at the University of Wisconsin is one such school but the newest and with the highest ambitions is a branch of the University of Vermont known as the Vermont Institute of Artisan Cheese.

For those interested in the most advanced school for making cheese in the U.S. see the class schedule posted at The next class of exceptional interest is April 3rd-April 5th. The class is to be instructed by Francisco Pérez Elortondo, Ph.D; Alfonso Zamora Master Cheesemaker; Montse Almena, Ph.D; and Marc Druart, Master Cheesemaker.

These courses are for those interested in fine tuning their skills and not necessarily for the beginner or the casual enthusiast.

This is an intensive three day short course focused on artisan practices used in Spain to produce a variety of traditional and innovative cheeses. There will be interactive lectures and strong hands on experience. You will learn how to make three varieties of cheeses: a blue cheese, a soft variety with a natural rind, and a semi hard cheese. Participants will have the opportunity to taste Spanish cheeses and present their own samples to gather feedback from the experts about technical issues with their cheese.

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  1. University Update (Trackback from Wisconsin) Says:

    The Vermont Institute for Artisan Cheese: New Class on Traditional …

  2. Ana Mendez Says:

    I live in Miami, florida and i would like to take the couses of cheese making offered by you, so please let me know what it would be the best way to do it, and also i would like to get information about lodging and all the expenses related with it.

    I appreciate it.


  3. Mary Kinnty Says:

    I am looking for short courses on cheese making. We have a heated and jacketed vat and I did make cheddar cheese a few years ago, but I need a serious update.

  4. gail bickett Says:

    I need a several day class in cheesemaking and aging. Thank you

  5. george weldon Says:

    I am interested in learning how to make cheedar and other hard cheeses.

    Where and what classes should I begin with.

    I have a small farm in VA.

  6. Ovidio A.Rojas Says:

    I am interested in learning the make of cheese.

    Thanks you


  7. Joshua Guyette Says:

    I have no experience in making cheese, but I do have a strong passion, and a goal of learning the craft of artisan cheese making. Please let me know about any programs/courses that might be of interest.

  8. Merryl Winstein Says:

    I teach Cheesemaking Classes in St. Louis, MO. In each class participants learn a complete array of accurate cheesemaking methods so they can make practically any sort of delicious cheese once they return home. Classes are for one afternoon, one day, or two days. Details on .

    About your article on Vermont Institute for Artisan Cheese, the April 3-6, 2011, features Alpine cheese; the Spanish cheese class is in Fall, 2011.

  9. Sima Says:

    I am intersted in participating in the cheese making short courses. My interest lies in Europe more specially :Italy, France, Germany and netherland. I have a time bound due to my visa: 10thMay to 9thjune 2011. Please let me konw the required information.

    Thanks in advance,