White Wine and Cheese

 White Wine and Cheese

One of our guests at last night’s Cheese & Wine 101 came up to me after the class and said that he was surprised to discover how well the white wine was pairing with the cheeses, something that he had not thought possible, that white wine and cheese can work well together. We all have our preferences for wines, and cheeses too. Yet when you find a particularly successful marriage between a wine that you might not ordinarily choose and a cheese (that you also might not usually have) the good pairing can enhance your appreciation for those cheeses and wines (or beers) that are not your favorites.

Or maybe it was not his preference for red wine but instead is was something that he had heard or read – that only red wines pair with cheese. There certainly is plenty of dogma about cheese pairing. There are others that insist that only white wine pairs well with cheese, or that Ports pair well with all cheeses. The suggestion that cheeses and wines must be from the same region to work is one that I hear far too frequently. The terroir idea may make a good idea on paper but there are many pairings that fall well outside that dictum. One of the more amusing tidbits that I heard recently was that cheese only pairs with beer, and not with wine. LOL, as they say.

There are several principles of successful cheese pairing. A saltier cheese will probably work better with a fruitier or sweeter wine, or beer. A bigger flavored cheese will usually work better with a bigger flavored wine otherwise the cheese can easily overwhelm the wine. In more cases than not cheese pairs nicely with wine. The successes far outnumber the misses.

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