Wine Experts & Beer Experts, our Guest Speakers

The cheese stands alone, yet it is all the more marvelous when you have experts provide a little extra support. Our regular faculty can wax for hours about the cheese, and we have a good knowledge of wine and beer too. We especially enjoy the events when we have special guest speakers join us. Our class calendar through to the end of 2011 has numerous outside experts coming in to lend their additional expertise to our classes. Not only beer experts and wine experts, we occasionally have spirits experts, and when they can make time for it, we sometimes have the cheese makers themselves join us.

I have always maintained that the best way to learn about cheese is to put it in your mouth. It helps to learn about cheese if you have a fine wine or beer to use as a “platform” for experiencing some of the nuances that cheeses can offer. It also happens to be a good way to learn about beer, wine, or other beverages. Different cheeses provide that “platform” for getting to know your liquids too.

Cheese and beer have been great partners for centuries, same for cheese and wine. Some partnerships work better than others, which is where you begin to taste the differences among cheeses and the beverages. One quality in either can elevate the other, and bring out subtleties that you may have never noticed before.

When we have our special guest speakers along you get their added perspectives. Other highlights we gain from having these guest speakers join us are those little tidbits about the history and unique methods of production. In other words: a little extra “romancing” of the cheeses and beverages is part of the experience.

Additionally, the guest speakers give our Fromager instructors a chance to contemplate the pairings themselves.

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