Wrong Cow?

10451 Wrong Cow?

No, not “wrong cow,” Roncal is what I said. This pressed sheep milk cheese is perennial favorite around here. My colleague just handed me a taste and I was just as pleased as I could be, as I always have been each and every time that I’ve tasted it.

If there were anything negative I might say about Roncal, it would be that it was the one cheese that gave me “cheese elbow” several years ago. I could not figure out what was causing that excruciating pain until one evening when I was cutting into a wedge of it I felt the nerves stand up on edge around the left elbow. It turned out that is was repetitive stress syndrome, and indeed I had cut into quite a lot of Roncal by that point.

The option that was presented to me was to either stop cutting the cheese (not happening) or to take a long break from it (also not happening) or to try using my right arm (sorry, no), wear a brace to minimize the pain (which I did for awhile) or just pick it up and bite off a chunk with my teeth (that’s the ticket).

During the several weeks that I wore the brace while attempting to use slightly different methods of slicing the Roncal, I was instructed to perform some light-weight exercises to build up the wrist and forearm. This solved the problem in time, yet it was a little embarrassing curling those little five-pound weights.

The cheese elbow was eventually cured but I do occasionally feel a little twitch after cutting a lot of hard cheeses for a big event. Fortunately, the opioid peptides offered by the Roncal help minimize the pain, and the amino acids help restore the tired muscles, especially the valine.

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